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Focus on Disability Foundation (FDF) being a nongovernmental agency founded in the United Kingdom and Nigeria to see to the welfare, putting smiles on the face of people living with disabilities in Nigeria and making them to believe in themselves and integrate them socially. In line with the tenets of the foundation of “engaging, empowering and encouraging” people living with disability in Nigeria, the foundation since inception had expended millions of naira in acquiring mobility equipments (wheelchairs, blind cane, crutches, and educational materials to various schools of pupils with special needs) all these had been consistently distributed freely to various categories of people living with disability for the past 3 years.

The 2015 Focus on Disability Charity Tour was another huge success in which over a million naira was expended on educational materials for pupils living with various form of disability and over 20 special schools benefited from this philanthropic gesture. FDF team were joyously welcomed at every school they visited to present their token of love to identify and contribute to the development of these special children and their overall welfare; all these schools marveled at the consistent intervention of this foundation to them that even government who are the owners of these schools are lacking behind in providing them basic needs of these pupils. The testimonies received was just too overwhelming, in one of the school was a moving story of one young Peter who had hearing impairment that had been attending school since resumption almost 4 weeks ago without any educational material not even a pencil talk less of notebooks who got all what he’ll need all through the term through the materials the foundation presented to school.

Focus on Disability Foundation has vowed not to stop in their quest towards bridging the gap and lifting the spirit of various people living with disability because their disability is not their own making but rather the unfortunate position they found themselves. “God willing and God helping us FDF will continue to try its best to make every possible positive difference in the lives of every people living with disability in Nigeria” says Mr Abbey Paseda the founder of the foundation. He later showed heartfelt appreciation to the teaming donors and supporters of the foundation, Dr and Mrs Dayo-Olomu, Dr Ibrahim Asante, Lloyds Bank Foundation, Mr and Mrs Dapo Oyebade, All members of the Rotary Club of Hendon UK, Darien Book Aid, All members of St Mark’s church Birmingham and all others who are too numerous to mention.

Mr Abbey said, ‘’it would have not been possible without the support of our secretary in Nigeria, Mr Ayodele Awobona and the volunteers who are our unsung heroes’’

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