About us

Focus on Disability Foundation (UK) is a UK based charity with registered number 1157043 working to support the charitable work of Focus on Disability Foundation (Nigeria) with registered number 55019 and alongside partner organisations in Nigeria to achieve equal rights for the people with disabilities

Our Objectives

Focus on Disability Foundation gives people with disabilities real choice about how they live their lives

1. To enable children and adults with disabilities to be self-sufficient and integrated into society rather than spend a life in an institutional setting.
2. To provide the children and adults with disabilities with necessary life and social skills
3. To educate families and communities about the needs of children and adults with disabilities and special needs
4. To provide education materials and disability aids to achieve their potentials.
5. To develop the physical, mental, emotional and social skills of children and adults with disabilities and special needs


Our vision is of a transformed society where people with disabilities can live life to the full

Our Mission

We work with people with disabilities and their families to achieve real choice,independence and opportunity. We do this through our expertise,the breadth and quality of our services and campaigning for change