Focus on Disability Foundation gives people with disabilities real choice about how they live their lives

What we do?

Working to represent the physically challenged people in Nigeria

What Drives us

Changing lives is what drives us. We believe that Children and Adults should be empowered to achieve their full potential in life regardless.

Enabling Self-Sufficiency

enable children and adults with disabilities to be self-sufficient and integrated into society ratio setting


Help us empower and make life meaningful for the children and adults with disabilities and physically challenged in Africa(Nigeria). Together we can achieve more.

Charity Works

Enable children and adults with disabilities to be self-sufficient and integrated into society ratio setting

July 16, 2015

UK based charity Focus on Disability (FoD) on Thursday, made a donation of a wheelchair to an Abuja school girl. Mary Bala, a student of Government Secondary school Kuje-Abu who had been living with a

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Focus on Disability Foundation Touching Lives everyday
Focus on Disability Foundation Touching Lives everyday
April 12, 2015

Focus on Disability Foundation (FDF) being a nongovernmental agency founded in the United Kingdom and Nigeria to see to the welfare, putting smiles on the face of people living with disabilities in Ni

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Empowering Adults with Disabilities to be Self Reliant
Empowering Adults with Disabilities to be Self Reliant
April 12, 2015

Just like American politician, Sharron Angle, had rightly said, ‘There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability’. Just like American p

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One on One with the CEO


There are 22 million (or more) people who are disabled in Nigeria. In correlation to what Jacqueline mentioned in her article, he also agreed that “…disability is the most neglected dimension of equal rights in Nigeria. It is very common in Africa to see disabled people begging by the roadside, they are begging for money but the government is not doing much.. The Nigerian government have failed disabled people in Nigeria. I can say it, they have really failed them and something needs to be done.” 


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How can you help?

Think about it.

We envision a world where people with physical disabilities feel empowered and inspired to redefine what is possible

A little more feel.

We provide opportunities through our volunteers to empower the individual journey for a person with a disability, we know that it begins with an individual’s choice to participate, to push boundaries, and to re-imagine what is possible.

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We’re looking ahead by building on the strengths of our history. Our new vision and strategic plan is inspired by the pivotal moment in the story of founder Abiodun Paseda, when he chose to embrace his disability and take ownership of shaping his life.

I don’t live to impress people rather my mission in life is to make a huge difference in the lives of people around the world. 1 million lives to be supported and Alhamdullahi we are getting there at Focus on Disability Foundation UK. Massive thanks to my team and our supporters. 

― Abbey E. Paseda (Founder, Fodfoundation)

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Our Team

Frontpage As a disabled person using wheelchair since 1997 and whilst having interest in the development of FDF, is particularly focused on promoting the benefits of inclusion and equality. Ayo firmly believes that ``Disability does not mean Inability.``Secretary Focus on Disability Foundation
Frontpage I have become an Ambassador of Focus on Disability Foundation, as l<br /> strongly believe in what they are doing and in their heart to help the<br /> persons with Disabilities in Africa.Faruq Amedy AudioJungle
Frontpage l believe that everyone ( especially the disabled) deserves a chance to live a quality life in fulfillment of their full potentials. Hence, my acceptance to support Focus on Disability Foundation UK as their Global Ambassador.Global Ambassador. FODFOUNDATION
Frontpage She believes that learning should be a lifelong experience and challenges the people supported by FDF to widen their aspirations at every opportunity. She was elected to the Board of Trustees in September 2011 and brings a wealth of experience to the board. In her spare time, she indulges an interest in support and enjoys doing humanitarian work.Mrs Olufunmilayo Otitoloju FODFOUNDATION
Frontpage In these tough economy we all have an even greater responsibility to help the needy. I am delighted to be able give something back to the society and l will continue to do my best to help the organization and of course raise funds. Mrs Afolashade Adesoye FODFOUNDATION
Frontpage I believe that every Persons with disability should have access to basic needs and should be integrated into the society with special skills thats why i volunteer for Focus on Disability Foundation Daniel Ikenna Umekwe Web developer, Focus on Disability Foundation